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Taman Cempaka, Ipoh! Sex haven for PUO’s (Polytechnic Ungku Omar) students? - IS THAT TRUE ???

Found bad article about PUO students.....Read it yourself and think about it, is that true...?

Do you know that Taman Cempaka is a possible sex haven for Malaysian technical students? Read and know more about one of Malaysia's top urban legends.

Aha… It has been awhile since I last wrote about our Malaysian urban legends, isn’t it? :-)

All right folks, today I have something new for you. Today’s Malaysian urban legend has been around for years and it is quite well known among Malaysians especially to those who have spent their studying years in Malaysia.

It is about a small residential neighborhood known as Taman Cempaka which is located in the city of Ipoh. Taman Cempaka is a very nice residential neighborhood but its image has been tarnished more or less by our Malaysian students who are studying at a nearby public college called Polytechnic Ungku Omar or better known as PUO.

As the nearest residential neighborhood to Polytechnic Ungku Omar, the neighborhood is obviously the most convenient place of stay for students who were not given the opportunity to stay in hostels. Yes, they had to rent rooms but most of the time they would rather rent the whole house and then share the accommodation with friends and colleagues. Residents of Taman Cempaka were quite happy with that in the first few years since it would give them the opportunity to make some easy money. Many moved out of their homes and then rented them out to students.

Alas as the years gone by, residents of Taman Cempaka realized that something bad has happened to their once peaceful neighborhood. PUO’s students (majority of them are Malaysian Malay (Melayu) Muslims) have brought something bad into their neighborhood. Social problems such as drugs and free-sex culture have become prevalent in their neighborhood. Some residents of Taman Cempaka just closed their eyes on such problems but many concerned Muslims who were worried about the safety and well-being of their children began to make some noises. They had raised and highlighted such problems to the administration of Polytechnic Ungku Omar with the hope that they would be able to do something about it. Unfortunately, there’s nothing much that they can do to help the residents of Taman Cempaka. :-(

Yes folks, students of Polytechnic Ungku Omar who are currently staying in Taman Cempaka or those who had stayed there in the past have created a legend of their own over there in Ipoh. Some of their sexual exploits for an example can be seen on many local porn websites. If you care to browse and take a peek or two at some of our local student’s online forums, you would be surprised to see just how proud they were with that stupid legend and reputation of theirs. :-(

To all residents of Taman Cempaka who are concerned with this prevailing problem, I would advise every one of you to contact the Perak Religious Department (Jabatan Agama Islam Perak) as soon as possible. Maybe both parties can work together and coordinate some kind of social monitoring or social policing mechanism to eradicate such social problems in the future. You folks have to do that fast before the whole problems become totally out of control!

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